Administering Oral Meds

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Administering Oral Medications
Purpose: To provide a medication that has systemic effects or local effects on the gastrointestinal tract or both. Assessment:
* Allergies to medication(s)
* Client’s ability to swallow the medication
* Presence of Vomiting or diarrhea that would interfere with the ability to absorb the medication * Specific drug action, side effects, interactions, and adverse reactions * Client’s knowledge of and learning needs about the medication

* Dispensing System
* Disposable medication cups; small paper or plastic cups for tablets and capsules, waxed or plastic calibrated medication cups for liquids * MAR or computer printout
* Pill crusher/ cutter
* Straws to administer medications that may discolor the teeth or to facilitate the ingestion of liquid medication for certain clients * Drinking glass and water or juice
* Applesauce or pudding to use for crushed medications for clients who may choke on liquids PREPARATION:
1. Know the reason why the client is receiving the medication, the drug classification, contraindication, contraindications, usual dosage range, side effects and nursing considerations for administering and evaluating the intended outcomes for the medication.| | 2. Check the medication administration record (MAR). * Check the MAR for the drug name, dosage, frequency, route of administration, and expiration date for administering the medication, if appropriate. * If the MAR is unclear or pertinent information is missing, complete the MAR with the most recent prescriber’s written order. * Report any discrepancies to the charge nurse of the prescriber, as agency policy dictates. | Certain medications(e.g. narcotics, antibiotics) have a specified time frame at which they expire and need to be reordered by the primary care provider| 3. Verify the client’s ability to take medication orally. * Determine whether the client...
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