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June 6, 2011
change in physical features. Change or increase in physical size of the whole person or any of its parts.


increase in function/skills. learning ability to eat, read and manipulate objects. fine motor skills manipulate w/ hands almost always correl with vision gross motor skills child’s ability to move personal &social skills ability to take care of & do things for himsels, & interact with other children and adults cognitive skills children are able to read language skills Expressive - ability to speak Receptive - to understand

Growth and Development
growth periods
Lecturer: Dr. De Guzman Prepared by: cmgt

2 major growth periods: Prenatal & Postnatal I. PRENATAL! A. Ovum! ! B. Embryo C. Fetus Early Fetal life Late Fetal life! ! ! 0-280 days 0-14 days 3-8 weeks 9 weeks to birth 2nd trimester 3rd trimester

• first 14 days • determine whether the pregnancy is viable or not. • Not susceptible to teratogens (agents harmful to pregnancy ex.radiation can not affect the ovum) • organ formation: no significant event B. Embryo • All organs form • Morphogenesis - body formation • First 2 organs to form: Brain & Heart • Babies born with congenital rubella - mothers had german measles during pregnancy it is not unusual that the brain & heart are affected at the same time bec they were dev @ the same period. • For mation of ectoder m (skin & CNS), endoderm (CVS & the rest of the organs), mesoderm (respiratory, urinary, digestive tracts, muscles, CT, bones) and their derivatives.

Birth - ave. 280days (37-42weeks is considered a term pregnancy) Premature infant - Less than 37weeks Ex: If the baby is born even it is less than 25weeks old, it is already an INFANT. PRENATAL PERIOD A. Ovum • from fertilization to implantation of blastocyst in the uterine wall

1 | prepared by cmgt


Growth periods prenatal and postnatal
...cont. embryo


• Dev. of sex organs (Dev is diff from determination.) Sex is developed (whether the child is going to be masculine/feminine) in the embryonic period. • At the end of embryonic period: 3cm, 3grams at 8 weeks • Very vulnerable to teratogens • At 4 weeks the heart starts beating • At 8 1/2 weeks the embryo responds to tactile stimulation. C. Fetus • Time of rapid growth • 13th-15th week: swallowing and suckling movements • 16th-20th week: (quickening) fetal movt sometimes felt by the mother • 20th week: - complete commissures of the brain - myelination of the cord begins - Present sucking reflex - First patterns of respiratory movements • Vulnerable to teratogens but to lesser extent than embryonic stage • 25-28 weeks: - 38cm (15”) in length - 1.2 kg (2 lb & 11 oz) - Rapid dev of nervous system - Development of greater control over movements such as opening & closing of eyelids & other body functions. - Lungs have developed sufficiently that air breathing is possible 28th weeks: • - retinal layers & light perception complete - eyelids are open

II. POST NATAL ! A. Infacy! ! Neonate/newborn Middle/nursing Transition/toddler/ ! runabout B. Childhood Early Late ! ! C. Adolescence

birth to 2 years first 4wks afterbirth 1st year 1 to 2 years

2-6 years 6-10years (girls) 6-12years(boys)

Growth and Development physical development 1st and 2nd year 1st year 0-2 months ✓ 10% decrease below birthweight during the first 10 days, which is physiologic, due to loss of fluid during pregnancy. ✓ Exceed birthweight by 2 weeks of age ✓ 30g/1oz. per day during the first month (fastest postnatal growth) 2-6 months ✓ by 3-4 months, growth of 20g/day th ✓ doubling of birthweight at 4 month ✓ Ex: ave birthweight = 3 kg @ 4 months = birthweight x 2 ! ! = 3kg x 2 = 6 kg 6-12 months st ✓ by...
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