Biology 1403

Topics: Animal, Final examination, Phylum Pages: 3 (659 words) Published: April 16, 2013

Dr. Matthew KaserOffice: South Science 402
matthew.kaser@csueastbay.eduOffice Hours: W 3:30-4:30

Objectives – To introduce students to the science of animals by: * Comparing the structural and functional characteristics of different animal groups in an evolutionary and ecological context. * Conducting experiments, collecting and analyzing data, and writing scientific papers, and through hands-on interaction with animal phyla * 1403 also covers basic ecological principles

Required texts:
Campbell et al 2009; Biology 9th edition, Benjamin Cummings Publisher.
Lab Manual will be available for free to download on the Lab Blackboard page.

Blackboard (Required) : Course information, including announcements, instructor information, changes and/or additions to the syllabus, and other relevant information will be posted on Blackboard, which can be accessed via the web using your NetID (see for information).

Your grade will be determined by your attendance and performance in both lecture and lab. Lecture constitutes 60% of your final grade and lab contributes 40%. Your grade will be assigned based on the following distribution:

Lecture (60%):

* 2 Midterms (17% each)
* 1 Final exam (26%)

Lab (40%): Assignments will be discussed in lab

You must pass both the lecture and the lab with at least a 60% in order to pass the class.

The format of exams will include short/medium answer, multiple choice, matching, true/false, and fill in the blanks. The dates of the exams are listed on the lecture schedule. There are NO MAKE-UPS for exams. If you miss any labs or tests, you will receive a zero for that day or exam. If you have a medical emergency on the date of the lecture exam, you must notify me ASAP and provide documentation explaining your absence within one week of the exam.

Laboratory assignments: See the lab syllabus for details on...
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