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Danaher Study Questions

Study questions:

1) What is your assessment of the Danaher's diversification strategy? How does Danaher create value through diversification and mergers and acquisitions? What concerns do you have with their strategy?

3)What is your analysis of how Danaher manages diversification?

4)What is your assessment of Danaher's approach to post merger integration?

5) What can we learn from Danaher?

LVMH: Managing the Multi-Brand Conglomerate

Study Questions

1.What is your assessment of LVMH’s diversification? Does it make sense for the company to compete on a scope that includes champagne, jewelry, fashion, cosmetics, and retailing? How does it add value to its different businesses? Is LVMH missing opportunities for synergy between its many businesses? 2.What is LVMH’s core competence? How well have they exploited their core competence in their various diversification moves and strategic acquisitions? 3.How well does LVMH manage its diversified empire? Does LVMH do enough to realize possible synergies between divisions? What possible synergies can you identify that LVMH could exploit? 4.Can this strategy be sustained? What would you recommend LVMH do?

The Honda Motor company was founded by Shoichira Honda – a fiercely competitive, self-taught engineer and mechanic. Infamous for antics such as throwing a wrench and hitting a mechanic on the head, and stripping “to the buff” in front of employees prior to assembling an engine, Honda was a mechanical genius with a deep commitment to technological innovation. His passion for racing translated into a “success against all odds” corporate culture that emphasized and rewarded personal initiative and innovation. Despite Honda’s mechanical prowess, the company did not have the basic elements of a successful business until after Takeo Fujisawa came on board as an investor and general manager in 1949. Fujisawa added the practical business skills and market...
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