Cervical Cancer

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* Human papilloma virus infection
* Smoking
* Immunosuppression
* Chlamydia infection
* Diet
* Oral contraceptives (birth control pills)
* Intrauterine device use
* Multiple full-term pregnancies
* Young age at the first full-term pregnancy
* Poverty
* Diethylstilbestrol (DES)
* Family history of cervical cancer
Testing (screening)
* Regular Pap test
* Pelvic exam
* Condoms and HPV
* Don't smoke
* Get vaccinated
Gardasil, Cervarix
Guidelines for early detection:
All women should begin cervical testing at age 21.
Age 30 (Pap test + HPV test q 5 years) until age 65.
High risk of cervical cancer: need to be screened more often and follow the recommendations of their doctors. Women underwent Total hysterectomy: should stop screening Women who have been vaccinated against HPV should still follow these guidelines Accurate pap tests

Not on menstrual period.
No douche
No sexual intercourse
Pap test results
* Conventional cytology
* Liquid-based cytology
Bethesda System
The general categories are:
Negative for intraepithelial lesion or malignancy,
Epithelial cell abnormalities, and
Other malignant neoplasms.
* Squamous intraepithelial lesions (SILs)
* Squamous cell carcinoma
* Adenocarcinoma
* Atypical glandular cells
* Atypical squamous cells
The HPV DNA test
* Women with early cervical cancers and pre-cancers usually have no symptoms. * Symptoms often do not begin until the cancer becomes invasive and grows into nearby tissue. * Abnormal vaginal bleeding

* Menopausal bleeding
* Spotting between periods
* longer or heavier than usual
* Bleeding after douching or after a pelvic exam may also occur. * Vaginal discharges
* Dyspareunia
* Medical history and physical exam
* Colposcopy
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