Customer Satisfaction of Hero Motocorp

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Industry Profile
The market of two wheelers is very wide and because of technology, new products (two- wheeler) with new features are introduced day by day. The level of competition is also very high in two wheeler market. So, because of this competition the companies have to invest much more in research area for survival and success. The invention of the first two-wheeler is a much-discussable issue. "WHO invented the first motorcycle?" this seems like a simple question, but the answer is quite complicated. Two-wheelers originated from the "safety" bicycle that is the bicycles with front and rear wheels of the same size with a pedal crank mechanism to drive the rear wheel. Those bicycles, in turn origin from high-wheel bicycles. The high-wheelers origin from an early type of pushbike, without pedals, propelled by the rider's feet pushing against the ground. These appeared around 1800, used iron-banded wagon wheels, and were called "bone-crushers," both for their jarring ride, and their tendency to toss their riders The First Motorcycle

We are going to begin by looking at the first bikes. They didn’t work very well and they were not very fast but moved with being drawn by a horse or being pedalled. When you look at a motorcycle today, have you ever thought what the old bikes were like? Were they easy to ride? How fast did they go? Were they comfortable? To answer all these questions, we have got to go quite a long way back say about 100 years. The world was very different in those days and there must have been a feeling of great excitement. There was a great interest in science and engineering and almost every week, some fantastic new invention appeared. First there were gaslights and then electricity and new cures for many kinds of illnesses were always being announced this was period when people started thinking about how to travel quickly and safely. Before cars and bikes, the quickest mode of travelling was steam trains. And if there was a near to where you wanted to go then the next best thing was a stagecoach or paddle streamer. No one, except the very rich, could get from their own house to where they were going very quickly. Then in 1885, a German called Gottlieb Daimler made a small engine, which ran on a kind of petrol. It wasn’t a very good engine but it just worked. Daimler fitted the engine to a cycle type frame, which exactly had one wheel at the front and two wheels at the rear. In the following year, another German, Wilhelm Maybach rode the Daimler bike for a few meters- something which everyone thought was very brave. At last, a way of moving people directly from one place to another had been invented. Not everybody thought that this was a good idea. In England there was a law, which said that no vehicle powered by an engine could go faster than 4mph which is about as fast a s you walk. Many of the people were afraid and urged that the bike should be banned. But in 1896 an act was passed that bikes can travel 12mph speed-, which is considered to be a fantastic speed. At the same time, a French engineer called De Dion made the first real good engine for motorcycle and soon everyone was having a try at making complete machine. And this was the turning point where bike started getting its actual look many ideas poured in and were given shapes also. The British Bikes:

Today we won’t see many British bikes on the road but most of the older bikes were make in Great Britain, which had its name and fame. Now we see very few of British Bikes. What went wrong? In 1900, bikes were not very good. They were hard to start, they had poor brakes and did not have much power but everyone thought they were marvellous. For the first...
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