Topics: Supply chain management, Harley-Davidson, Inventory Pages: 1 (254 words) Published: June 28, 2013
Q. 1) Describe how Dell (case 1, pp. 143-145) has influenced visibility, consumer behaviour, competition, and speed through the use of ICT in its supply chain. [Answer in 100 words] - > Dell is known for its hyper-efficient supply chain system, which has been made possible through effective use of ICT: * Just-in-time operation was made possible through constant vigil on available stock, communication with supplier and regular demand forecasting * Consumers were able to track their order from start to end * Dell measures everything from days in inventory to time it takes to build a PC and aim to improve production by 30% every year * -------------------------------------------------

Even in the times of crisis, Dell has modified its SCM system to beat its competitors. Q. 2) Evaluate the HOG CRM strategy and recommend an additional benefit Harley-Davidson (case 2, pp. 145-147) could provide to its HOG members to increase customer satisfaction. [Answer in 100 words] - > Harley Davidson does not believe in selling bikes, rather it believes in selling experience. Through HOG program, Harley Davidson has managed to build a strong sense of community among its owners and it has achieved customer loyalty unheard of. Harley Davidson organises array of events, rides, and benefits to its members. Harley Davidson should provide discounts and benefits to HOG members who have completed 5, 10 or 20 years as the proud owners of a Harley Davidson. This will increase the customer satisfaction and loyalty as they get a sense of recognition from the brand they most admire.
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