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2. How does Dirt Bikes provide value to customers

The company provides value to it’s customers by designing and manufacturing custom motorcycles of high quality, and by servicing those motorcycles. Proof of the high quality of the motorcycles can be seen in the number of races that the brand wins each year. Other ways they provide value to the customer are with the policy of listening to customers feedback on how to improve the product, and with the newly formed Dirt Bikes USA owners group. Steps to improve:

Database software
Dirt Bikes sells primarily through its distributors. It maintains a small customer database with the following data: customer's name, address, telephone number, model purchased, date of purchase, and distributor. These data are collected by its distributors when they make a sale and forwarded to Dirt Bikes. Dirt Bikes would like to be able to market more aggressively to its customers. It would like to be able to send them e-mail notices of special racing events and of sales on parts. It would also like to learn more about their interests and tastes: their age, years of schooling, another sport they are interested in, and whether they attend dirt bike racing events. Additionally Dirt Bikes would like to know whether they own more than one motorcycle. (Some Dirt Bikes customers own two or three motorcycles from Dirt Bikes USA or other manufacturers).

“Most people ride dirt bikes for fun.   They enjoy being out doors and

        finding new places to ride.   They can follow an old trail or blaze a new one.  

        Riders are basically free on their dirt bikes, just be sure that you know what

        your doing and do not get lost.   Also make sure the area you are riding

        permits the use of dirt bikes.”

5. What information systems best support that strategy?

Developing an E-Commerce strategy
Dirt Bikes' management believes that the company could benefit from e-commerce. The company has sold...
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