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Topics: Infant, Childbirth, Jean Piaget Pages: 4 (1258 words) Published: August 23, 2013
Exam 1 Study Guide:

Chapter 1

1. What are the (four) goals of science/theories? How do each of these goals contribute to our knowledge in reference to human development? What do continuous/discontinuous and quantitative/qualitative changes in development refer to and how do these two terms differ from one another? What are the three domains of development and what does each refer to? What is the nature-nurture debate about? What would someone believe if they argued that nature (or nurture) were more important influences on development? What are the key principles of the (Baltes’) lifespan approach? What does each of these principles mean?

2. What is imprinting? What are critical and sensitive periods (what was the point of the video clip!)? What does the terms plasticity mean in reference to development? What is the difference between normative and nonnormative influences on development and what is an example of each? Be able to define normative age-graded and normative history-graded influences. What is a cohort and how could cohort effects influence development?

3. What do genotype-environment interactions suggest? What are passive, evocative, and active genotype-environment interactions (these are also listed on pp. 72-73 in the text)? Why might active genotype-environment interactions become more common during adolescence than during early childhood? Why might siblings raised in the same family be different? What is an example of a non-shared environment?

4. What is a theory? On what fundamental issues to most theories differ (three were mentioned in class)? Who were the main theorists (what were their names) behind each major theory presented in class and the text? Be sure to know the main ideas associated with each theory and be able to name stages, but not necessarily the details of Erikson at this point, we get at those throughout. Be able to recognize the stages of Freud and Piaget. What is the information processing...
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