Topics: Mass media, Sociology, Film Pages: 2 (397 words) Published: January 9, 2014
 During the twentieth era to the twenty-first, movies was to ensure movie goers a variety of experiences that acknowledge more from their own set. Investigating the relationship between ophthalmic and culture cheer media; by exploring various forms of visual entertainment that that shape the American culture and values. Whether it’s official or negative to summarize how the visual media reflect or influence’s social behavior and their attitudes. Visual entertainment tells stories, that have a hug impacted and leaves a long lasting effected of the views of these types of Movies. There are a few movies that displayed culture of multiplication in them as, Smoke Signals, Out of Africa, The Cosby’s, and The Brandy Bunch. They all inspire signify universal themes of social familiarity as the states text military personnel experience; Family relations, the experience of childhood growing, and copying death. The entertainment media can also have a huge impact on how we think spitually, some examples would be, In the Heat of the Night, Broke Back Mountain, and Touched by an Angel. The media introduce the values that can help everyday problems that people have in their everyday life. We have limitless access through the media and individuals that have greatly influenced the public. The visual entertainment influences identities of the visual entertainment media and has in the primary (prenominal) a negative guidance. For instance a sexual role, drugs or violence or all three have the highest issues observed in the entertainment world whether it’s from the Internet or music, the three topics have a wider range of influence. You can look at any media, and you find some form of sex, drugs, and violence the way they declaim and act. Television shows and movies, show drug use constantly, example: The seventies show the main characters often found in their basement smoking marihuana in every episode. Law and order presently gives printing of all forms of criminals,...
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