Improvement of Customer Conversion Percentage at Tvs Dealer

Topics: Automotive industry, Motorcycle, Honda Pages: 42 (10322 words) Published: March 11, 2013

Sr. No.| Chapters| Page no.|
1.| Introduction to Automobile Industry| 8|
2.| Key Statistics| 9|
3. | Market Characteristics| 10|
4.| Two Wheeler Players in Market| 13|
4. A.| Hero MotoCorp Ltd.| 13|
4. B. | Bajaj Auto Ltd.| 15|
4. C. | Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India, Private Ltd.| 16| 4. D.| TVS Motor Company Ltd.| 17|
5.| Project Title 1: Improvement of Customer Conversion Percentage from 31% to 35% at KOHINOOR TVS Bhopal| 21| 5. A.| Objectives| 21|
5. B.| Key Terms| 21|
5. C. | Importance of Conversion| 21|
5. D. | Measurement of Conversion| 21|
5. E. | About KOHINOOR TVS Bhopal| 22|
5. F. | Observations| 22|
5. G.| Activities Undertaken| 29|
5. H. | Analysis| 29|
5. I. | Problem Identification| 33|
5. J. | Reasons for low conversion| 34|
5.K. | Root cause Analysis (Fish Bone Analysis)| 35|
5. L. | Development Plan (Action Plan)| 36|
5. M. | Suggestions| 37|
6.| Project Title 2: To understand the consideration, non-consideration and leakage level and evaluate the NPS of users of TVS WEGO in Bhopal| 38| 6. A. | Objectives| 38|
6. B. | Key Terms| 38|
6. C. | Measurement of NPS (Net Promoter Score)| 38|
6. D. | Part I: Consideration Level for TVS Wego in Bhopal| 39| 6. D. a.| Steps Undertaken| 39|
6. D. b.| Data Collection and Findings| 39|
6. E. | Part II: Customer Satisfaction Level for TVS Wego in Bhopal| 45| 6. E. a.| Steps Undertaken| 45|
6. E. b. | Data Collection and Findings| 45|
6. E. c. | Conclusion| 53|
6. F. | Part III: Leakage Analysis for TVS Wego in Bhopal| 54| 6. F. a.| Steps Undertaken| 54|
6. F. b. | Data Collection and Findings| 54|
6. F. c. | Conclusion| 62|
6. G. | Analysis: Reasons for non-consideration for TVS Wego| 63| 6. H. | Recommendations: Counter measures to improve consideration for TVS Wego| 64| 6. I. | Appendices: Questionnaires| 65|

6. I. a.| Part I Consideration Level for TVS Wego| 65|
6. I. b. | Part II Customer Satisfaction Level for TVS Wego| 67| 6. I. c. | Part III Leakage Analysis for TVS Wego| 69|
7. | Bibliography| 71|

1. Introduction to Automobile Industry
The automotive industry in India is one of the largest in the world and one of the fastest growing globally. The Indian Automobile Industry manufactures over 11 million vehicles and exports about 1.5 million each year. The dominant products of the industry are two-wheelers with a market share of over 75% and passenger cars with a market share of about 16%. About 91% of the vehicles sold are used by households and only about 9% for commercial purposes. The industry has a turnover of more than USD $35 billion and provides direct and indirect employment to over 13 million people. The supply chain is similar to the supply chain of the automotive industry in Europe and America. Interestingly, the level of trade exports in this sector in India has been medium and imports have been low. However, this is rapidly changing and both exports and imports are increasing. The demand determinants of the industry are factors like affordability, product innovation, infrastructure and price of fuel. Also, the basis of competition in the sector is high and increasing, and its life cycle stage is growth. With a rapidly growing middle class, all the advantages of this sector in India are yet to be leveraged. With a high cost of developing production facilities, limited accessibility to new technology, and increasing competition, the barriers to enter the Indian Automotive sector are high. On the other hand, India has a well-developed tax structure. The power to levy taxes and duties is distributed among the three tiers of Government. The cost structure of the industry is fairly traditional, but the profitability of motor vehicle manufacturers has been rising over the past five years. The...

Bibliography: Following websites where considered while publishing data and company background in this project report.
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