Inf of pharmaciticals of bangladesh

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Industry info:
Square Pharmaceuticals has retained the top position with its local sales figure reaching Tk 10.70 billion in 2012 in the country's Tk 55.0 billion pharmaceutical market followed by Incepta Pharma,Square Pharmaceuticals, established in 1958.Incepta Pharma, established in 1999, stood at Tk 4.52 billion in 2009.Beximco Pharma's position in the country's top 10 pharmaceutical companies was the third in terms of sales. Its total sales were Tk 4.2 billion in 2009.Fourth position took by the ACME Laboratories and its sales were Tk 2.64 billion in 2009.Opsonin Pharma Ltd., established in 1956, ranked the fifth by local sales worth Tk 2.61 billion in 2009.Eskayef took the sixth position with sales of worth Tk 2.52 billion.Reneta Pharma sales were nearly Tk 2.50 billion in 2009 and took the seventh position .Eight position took by the Advance Chemical Industries (ACI) with local sales worth Tk 2.46 billion.The sales of Aristopharma products were Tk 2.23 billion and Drug International's were Tk 2.13 billion.Respectively they took the 9th and 10th position in the local pharmaceutical market.Sanofi-Aventis ranked the top among the multinational pharmaceutical companies followed by GlaxoSmithKline.Sandoz took the third position.[3] Sales of Square Pharmaceuticals, the market leader, were Tk 1,270 crore in 2010,Beximco grew faster than other companies at a staggering 33 percent in 2010 with Tk 523 crore sales.Incepta's sales and growth rate were Tk 665 crore and 31 percent respectively, followed by Acme's Tk 600 crore and 17 percent. Eskayef logged Tk 426 crore in sales and the growth rate was 27 percent, the third highest pace in the 2010. Zenith Pharmaceuticals, established in 1952, Zenith Pharmaceuticals Ltd is one of the sturdiest growing Pharmaceutical Company committed to produce medicine strictly under GMP compliance and extended its services to all the valued Customers. The company complies with GMP at its plant, where validation and documentation...
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