Kindergarten Lesson Plan

Topics: Hot air balloon, Water, Transport Pages: 3 (747 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Marykris A. Rivera BEED 3D [POT2]
A Detailed Lesson Plan in Science (Kindergarten)
I. Objectives:
A. Identifies the different means of transportation.
B. Classifies the different means of transportation.

II. Subject Matter:
“Means of Transportation”
Reference: “Me and My World Textbook for Kindergarten” pp. 58-62 Materials: real objects, pictures, charts
Chapter III: Me and Other Things
Vocabulary: land transportation, air transportation, water transportation. Science Concept: The different types of transportation can be classified as land, air, and water. Science Processes: Observing, Classifying

Values: Taking care of oneself when crossing the streets.

III. Procedure:
Teacher’s Activity| Pupil’s Activity|
A. Pre-Activity 1. Review What was our lesson yesterday? Show pictures of different means of communication. Here are the things that we use in communication. Let’s name them. 2. Motivation I have here a song entitled, “The Transportation Song”. I will first sing the song then we will sing it all together. Listen carefully. Let’s sing it all together now. B. Activity Proper This morning, how do you come to school? Those are examples of transportation. Today we are going to study about the means of transportation. Transportation is anything that takes you from one place to another. Again, what is transportation? Show toys of different means of transportation. a. (show a toy car)Do you know, what is this?Where do we see the cars?Cars and trucks are examples of land transportation. It travels on land. We see them on the roads.Where does land transportation travels? Give me other examples of land transportation that we see on the road. b. (show a toy plane)Do you know, what is this?Where do we see airplanes?An airplane is an example of air transportation. It travels through the air....
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