Leifer Ch. 8

Topics: Childbirth, Cervix, Pregnancy Pages: 3 (648 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Virginia Osborne
NIP 120
Chapter 8 Leifer study guide
1.)f, g, d, a, h, b, c, e
2.) a.) prolapse of the umbilical cord-heartbeat outside normal range (110-160) b.) infection- uterus becomes smaller with the discharge of amniotic fluid c.) abruptio placentae- assessment of the urine will be cloudy, yellow, or malodourous suggests infection 3.)Induction is intentional initiation of labor before it begins naturally and augmentation is the stimulation of contractions after they have begun naturally 4.)a.)prostaglandin gel

b.) oxytocin, Pitocin
c.) tocolytics
d.) glucocorticoids
5.) a.) cold packs should be applied for the first 12 hours
b.) After 12-24 hours heat or sitz baths increase circulation to promote healing c.) mild oral analgesics are sufficient for pain management 6.) skin and uterine incisions, uterine incisions are more important of the 2 7.) a.) identify hemorrhage or shock

b.) site, rate, and flow rate
c.) firmness, height, and midline position
d.) for drainage and signs of infection
e.) quantity, color, and presence of clots
f.) to monitor urine output
8.) a.) hyper- poorly coordinated, frequent and painful; hypo- weak and ineffective b.) hyper- more likely to occur during latent labor, before 4cm of cervical dilation; hypo- occurs during the active phase, after 4cm of cervical dilation c.) hyper- mild sedation and tocolytic drugs; hypo- amniotomy, oxytocic augmentation and adequate hydration d.) hyper- acceptance of woman’s discomfort and frustration and the provision of comfort measures; hypo- non-pharmacological stimulation and position changes as well as encouragement 9.) a.) nursing care focuses on coaching the woman about the most effective techniques for pushing b.) encourage the woman to assume positions that favor fetal rotation and descent 10.)a.) lack of analgesic control of excessive pain

b.) absence of a support person
c.) immobility and restriction to bed
d.) lack of ability to carry out cultural traditions
e.) no...
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