Motorcycle Training

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This training was developed by police officers for police officers. The information provided is meant to enhance officer knowledge and safety in the realm of motorcycle laws through enforcement and public education of those motor vehicle/motorcycle laws, and give officers the information to help reduce the number of motorcyclist killed or injured in traffic crashes.

The International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST) would like to thank the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for their help in making this training possible. Particular thanks go to Earl Hardy and William Cosby of NHTSA for their on-going guidance. We also must extend our thanks to the following individuals who participated in the curriculum development. Their knowledge and experience helped to define the content of the materials for the lesson modules and critical information was covered for law enforcement. The individuals who helped make this training a reality include the following: Mr. Richard Davis, Arkansas State Police; Lt. Jim Halvorsen, New York State Police; Lt. Michael Turcott, Washington State Police; and Mr. John Young, Texas Department of Public Safety. Special thanks to Inspector Patrick McManamon, Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles and Mr. Albert Liebno, Maryland Police & Correctional Training Commissions for their feedback on improving the presentations.

The information contained in this program by no means reflects the opinions of all the individuals listed. June F. Kelly, Project Manager, IADLEST
Assistant Director, Vermont Police Academy

TITLE: Motorcycle Safety and Enforcement Training for LE (Law Enforcement)

Lesson Purpose: To understand why the enforcement of motorcycle laws, support of national motorcycle safety enforcement efforts and best practices are critical to reduce motorcycle fatalities and injuries.

Date Prepared: May 1, 2009

This training manual developed by IADLEST is intended to assist law enforcement in the enforcement of motorcycle laws. Its purpose is to share existing motorcycle laws knowledge, discuss motorcycle safety issues, the scope of problems involving enforcement of motorcycle laws, and present best practices in the realm of enforcement of motorcycle laws, sharing of safety practices for law enforcement, the motorcyclist and the public, prevention of motorcycle accidents and fill an existing gap in law enforcement training. The goal of this training is to have all police officers trained through their Police Academies or POST1 Programs.

We propose to act on the knowledge gained in this course to promote “enforcement of motorcycle laws” and reduce the problem of unlicensed motorcyclists, motorcycle DUI, non- compliant helmets, and speed related crashes.

P.O.S.T. is the acronym for Police Officer Standards and Training

TITLE: Training for the Enforcement of Motorcycle Laws

Opening Statement
This training will look at situations unique to the enforcement of motorcycle laws such as the following: ?? Why so many motorcycles injuries and fatalities and what can law enforcement do through public education and enforcement? ?? Motorcycle Types and Characteristics

?? Safety Laws Related to Equipment and Operation
?? Motorcycle licensing and speeding issues
?? Officer and Motorcyclist Safety
Consider “distracted driver” issues and how critical it is to operating a motorcycle. Driver talking to passenger
Cell phone use (yes, in a car and even on a motorcycle)
Talking to another motorcyclist, riding two or three abreast ?? Strategies for traffic stops
?? Strategies to avoid pursuit situations
?? Crash Investigation
?? Detection of impaired motorcyclists
?? Detection of non-compliant helmets
?? Latest on enforcement & public relations campaigns

Specific course objectives.

1. Why this course? Explain national statistics bulleted on slide.

2. Review motorcycle laws related to critical areas.
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