Nineteen Minutes Thoughts

Topics: Childbirth, Pregnancy, Lupe Fiasco's The Cool Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: December 18, 2012
19 Minutes
I like how she starts off explaining how 19 minutes relates to the book, it’s a good hook •Josie’s relationship with her mom seems strained.
Josie doesn’t listen to her mom and lies to her face.
Josie is a fake: pretty on the outside but dealing with lots of stress on the inside. •She is considering suicide
Her relationship with Matt is a fake.
Patrick has a stressed life as well, he wants to help as many people as he can but he is overloaded •So far it paints a good picture of how I feel all the time—stressed and fake. •The school seems weird…throwing pennies to wish luck to people •Alex, Josie’s mom, is a young judge and finds it hard

Alex puts on a fake personality as well
Lacy is a nurse of some sort who helps people give birth as part of her job •I don’t really understand Peter and that little blurp she throws in there. Her narrative can also be a little bit too jumpy at times I feel. •The “cool” kids are mean for no reason and gossip like crazy •They don’t act like the cool kids I know at West at least •I don’t know why they are shooting spitballs

Matt makes her feel fat. She doesn’t really want to be in with this crowd but otherwise she feels like a failure •Again, the little blurp is confusing. I don’t understand the pe class segment. But it’s true that there are both athletic people and people who suck at sports in a pe class so therefore it is hard to teach •Apparently Lacy, the nurse, is Peter’s mom. I don’t understand that part really •Zoe Patterson seems unnecessary to me. I don’t get why she is in there creepily thinking about hooking up with a guy with braces •Patrick listens on his police scanner and hears about the shooting at the high school •He runs into the school, past dead kids, and finds the kid who shot the other kids. He subdues him. He sees Josie’s boyfriend shot through the head along with Josie, just scratched. •It then jumps back to 17 years before showing when Lacy met Alex at a...
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