Nvq Level 3 in Health Care in Elderly

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Medicines in the health care sector

What is a drug?
A drug is a substance which when is taken in to the body may modify its function Example: blood pressure tablet
ACE inhibitors ramipril): This class of medication works by blocking the body's production of a substance that tightens the blood vessels. As a result, the blood vessels become more relaxed, and the pressure inside the vessels decreases What is a medicine?

A medicine is a drug that is used in the treatment/ diagnosis of prevention of disease Example: nicotine replacement therapy (nrt)
Legal categories of medicines:
Gsl: general sales list example: cough mixture
P: pharmacy medicines example: morning after pill
Pom: prescription only drugs: stronger pain killers e.g. tramidol Cd; controlled drugs example of this is : morphine
All of these are seen on the side of the bottles, boxes ect. Also you may see take one times a day two, three, four may be even more but these will be evenly spread out during the day doctors do try and make it over a 12 hour period not twenty four but this may not be always possible . Types of prescription

There are two types of prescription
Nhs and private
The majority of the prescriptions are Nhs prescribed by the doctor Green – g.p general practitioner
Yellow – dentist
Orange – hospital
Lilac – nurse practitioner
Private prescriptions are normally from dentists and the full cost of the medication is paid by you. If you live in Wales Nhs prescriptions are free but in England you have to pay unless you meet the criteria for free prescriptions. Any questions

Medicines in residential/nursing homes for residential service users We as carers have to keep records of the administration disposal and receipt of the medicines. we have to make sure that there is mars sheets for all of the drugs that come in if not then a hand written one will do. Have to make sure the quantity is correct the date and that the signature are recorded on the mars...
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