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Chapter One: Introduction

1.1 An overview on Global Pharmaceutical Industry and Pharmaceutical Industry of Bangladesh

Globally pharmaceuticals sector has a good market and at present this sector has a good impact on the economy of different countries in their GDPs. Proper nurturing, monitoring and development of this sector are important for the improvement of this growing sector (Giorgett, 2006). Although the market is growing at certain level but the expected growth varies in different countries. Largest market of pharmaceutical industry has been captured by the United States. In figure below, the major markets of pharmaceuticals industry and its growth in the year 2009 and 2011 has been shown. Table 1.1: Global pharmaceutical top markets, 2009 and 2011

Source: abpi, 2013
The above table shows that the size of the industry is large and it is growing. However, the global pharmaceutical industry leaders at glance is

Figure 1.1: producers, exporters, importers and consumers of global pharmaceutical industry
Source: Businessvides, 2013
However, in Bangladesh, the pharmaceutical sector is one of the driving sectors. Previously, the pharmaceutical industry was an unorganized industry. In Bangladesh, the pharmaceutical sector has been started to grow since 1980 (Habib and Alam, 2011). The sector has been contributing a good amount in the economy of Bangladesh now a day. The report of UK Trade and Investment (2010) has asserted that, this is one of the highest priority sectors and annually has a double digit growth. They also have reported that, around 230 small, medium, large and multinational companies are operating in the country producing around 97% of the total demand of Bangladesh. The sector is the second highest contributor to the national Exchequer after tobacco and it is the largest white-collar intensive employment sector in Bangladesh. 95% of the total demand of Bangladesh is being met by local manufacturing. The remaining 5% basically...
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