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Topics: Drug, Drug addiction, Illegal drug trade Pages: 6 (1031 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Test Review #1
Tuesday, January 29, 2013
9:26 PM
* 50 questions
* Mostly multiple choice
* Bring a number 2 pencil
1. Difference between illicit and licit drugs
-illcit drugs-drugs whose manufacture,sale,or possession is illegal.ex:cocaine,herion,marijuana
-licit drugs-drugs whose manufacture,sale,or possession is legal.ex:alchol,nictone, caffine

2.Difference between instrumental and recreational use of drugs
-instrumental –A person taking a drug with a socially approved goal in mind.
-recreational- A person is taking the drug for the sole purpose of experiencing its psychoactive properties ( to get high)

3.Difference between Primary Secondary Tertiary prevention ***Family Systems in Primary and Secondary Prevention***
* Family influences form the cornerstone of successful substance abuse prevention program. * Family is first line of defense.
* Those who need information the most:
* Parents who are in denial
* Those out of control themselves
* Those who are absent


4.What illicit drug is the number one most likely to result in an emergency room visit

-prescription or an Over the counter medication

5.Know the philosophy of supply and availability of towards drugs?
-A decine is supply-increase in value and demand.

6.The result of mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines
-a judge to impose a fixed minimal term in prison for individuals convicted of certain crimes,regardless of the individuals role in the crime or other mitigatin cirucumstances.

7.Know the supply and demand principle

8.What was the purpose of raising the legal drinking age in the united states? Answer:Car Accidents

9.Know the triple threat affecting teenagers
***The Triple Threat: Stress, Boredom, and Money.***
* Three circumstances on the likelihood that a teenager would engage in some form of substance abuse: 1.The degree of stress they are under.
2.The Frequency with which they are bored
3.Money they have to spend in a week.

10.What are drug courts and their programs
-Specialized courts designed to handle adult adult, nonviolent offenders with substance abuse problems.
-defense attorney,probation officers,prosectors.

11.Know differential/association theory
**Differential Association Theory**
* Erich Goode and Bruce Johnson
* Drug taking behavior is learned in interactions and communications with other individuals.

12.Know labeling theory
**Labeling Theory**
* A drug user internalizes a newly acquired label of deviance. * Continues drug-taking behavior that is based on the expectations of others.

13.Know social control theory
***Social Control/Bonding Theory***
* Weakened social bonds between an individual and social entities. * Ex: Family, religious affiliation, school and community

* Bond to society and moral code keeps them from breaking laws.

14.Know anomie/string theory
* Sociologist Emile Durkheim (1893)
* Feelings of frustration and alienation
* Not able to meet the demands of society
**Five Adaptations of Anomie/Strain Theory**

15.Know robert murtence adaptations to Behavioral theories Drug abuse comes as a result of reinforcing the behavior.
The effect

16.Neural transmitters
Answer:Serotonin and dopamine

17.Is there a single theory for explanation of drug abuse?

18.Know the rate of eliminated of the human body of drugs

19.What is the first line of defense against illicit drugs?

20.Difference between drug abuse and drug misuse
* Misuse: When a prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) drug is used inappropriately. * Drug abuse: Drug-taking behavior where primary motivation is recreational.
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