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Topics: Illness, Staphylococcus aureus, Clostridium difficile Pages: 1 (407 words) Published: July 14, 2014
“One and Done: New antibiotic could provide single-dose option”
This article I found particularly fascinating to read. Currently the treatment for the MRSA infection is approx. 10 days of antibiotic infusions twice a day. A study that has been completed by Duke Medicine researchers claims that they currently have a single-dose antibiotic named Oritavancin that is just as effective as other treatments. Dr. G. Ralph Corey is the lead author of this particular study. He conducted 2 clinical trials with nearly 2,000 patients, and is planning to submit his findings to the US FDA for approval. In the first trial he studied 475 randomized patients who received the Oritavancin drug one time, and 479 patients who received the typical regimen of Vancomycin twice a day for up to 10 days. Results of this study found that a single dose of Oritavancin was just as effective as Vancomycin in shrinking the infection, lowering fever, and even curing cases of MRSA. Dr. Corey states in this article that “this new drug could reduce the amount of time patients would spend in the hospital”, I believe that statement to be true. I am employed as a Paramedic in Las Vegas, and in my particular profession we deal with patients seeking treatment for infections almost on a daily basis. Patients are being brought from care homes and other facilities to the hospital regularly for treatments such as Vancomycin infusions. In severe cases those patients end up being hospitalized until the infection is gone. If this new drug Oritavancin was further tested and approved, I t would help thousands of patients. MRSA is one of the worst skin infections a person can get, and if not treated properly can spread throughout the body and can even cause death in severe cases. I believe that a drug of this type would save countless lives, and eventually become a method of choice for infection because of its strength and dosing options. I find medical research extremely fascinating. People are constantly...
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