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tion of Maternity, Women’s Health, and Child Health Nursing

1.Advocacy – Speaking or arguing in support of a policy or person’s rights. 2.Morbidity – Ratio of sick-to-well persons in a defined population. 3.Malpractice – Negligence by a professional person.

4.Neonatal mortality – Infant deaths that occur in the first 28 days of life. 5.Intrapartum – Time of labor and childbirth.
6.Ethics – Rules or principles that govern conduct.
7.Lactation – Secretion of milk from the breasts.
8.Negligence – Failure to act in the way a reasonable, prudent person of a similar background would act in a similar circumstance.

Maternity Nursing

1.Identify the three basic principles of family-centered maternity care. a.Childbirth is usually a normal, healthy event in the life of a family. b.Childbirth affects the entire family, and family restructuring is required. c.Families are capable of making decisions about care, provided they are given adequate information and professional support.

2.Describe each of these setting for childbirth.
a.Traditional hospital setting – labor, birth, recovery, and postpartum care occur in separate rooms; delay of parent-infant contact. b.Labor, delivery, and recovery (LDR) rooms – labor, birth, and immediate recovery occur in a single room, with transfer to a postpartum room for continuing care; emphasis on keeping parents and infant together; liberal visiting. c.Labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum (LDRP) rooms – same as LDR rooms except that mother and infant remain in the same room where birth occurred. d.Birth centers – freestanding centers that provide antepartum, intrapartum, postpartum, and newborn care to low risk mothers and babies; typically staffed by certified nurse-midwives. e.Home births – birth occurs in a familiar setting with support people the mother wants; fewer nurse-midwives now attend these births because of malpractice insurance problems.

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