Topics: United States, Islam, Vietnam War Pages: 2 (360 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Is it important to define a jihadist way of war? If so, how does it compare to the western way of war? It is important to define the jihadist way of war because it helps the United States in framing

the problem of who are the jihadists and what is their end state. Defining the term jihadist

prevents the United States from referring to every Muslim on the planet as a jihadist. “It is in our

interest to isolate Militant Islamist Ideology from Islamist and from Islam and then to focus on

eroding the influence of Militants Islamist”1

The western way of war focuses on any organization that poses a threat to our national

interests. Once we identify the Militant Islamists organizations that wants an Islamic State

through violent means we apply all our military assets, national resources, allies, and Arab

Countries to defeat them. “The U.S. objective accomplishes the following: Isolate, through all

instruments of national power and in collaboration with allies, partners of convenience, and

tribes, those who fit the definition of Militant Islamist. Foster divisions within Militant Islamist

groups over leadership, resources, strategy, vision, and influence. Make comprehensible the

damage that Militant Islamists are doing to Islamist politics and the wider Islamic world.

Promote Muslims who treat Islam as a source of values that guide conduct rather than a system

that offers solutions to all problems.”2

The end state for the U.S. would be for the Muslim International Community to police up its

own militants whenever they try to suppress ideas on governance and religion.

What were the key organizational and strategic problems of the US Army in the years immediately after the Vietnam War?
The key organizational and strategic problems of the US Army in the years immediately after

the Vietnam War were outdated equipment, doctrine, and training. This translated into...
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