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Health in the online oxford English dictionary
Soundness of body

What is health?
Body functioning normally
Selfishness (to be doing something for ones material advantage) Legal/social system=political (board of health)
“Eat right, get enough sleep and exercise”
Implies personal responsibility/morality does not account for other factors, (genetics/environment) Implies same rules apply to everyone
Health is physical. Mental social and cultural
Health standards or beliefs

Health varies
Health changes over time (what docs think is good for you)

Intersectionality matters too
Access or denial certain services or information
Sexual orientation: Ireland: lesbians may be denied pap smears because it is believed that they cannot get some disesases or infections Gender: Globally, girls are on avg fed less than boys
Responsibility for contraception or protection
Pathologies may depend on social class, geographical location color Chernobyl, Ukraine, nuclear accident in 1986 still consequences today. Migrant population in Scandanavia and Vitamin D deficiency

Age of death too
Helath/medical system do not exist in a vacuum
May reflect society biasis and beliefs

Medical/health system as androcentric
Since at least ancient Greece white male body was the norm
Aristotle woman was a incomplete unfinished man
Womens reprocutive sytem = inversion of mens
Belief wa held until 18th century
Feminine body as monstrous women as pathological
Hysteria: the womb travels
Womens bodies change for childvearing and childbirth
Menstruation associated with filth blue liquid for pad ads
More easily subject to mood swings, disease
Cancer was considered for a long time only for females
Until the mid 1970s only men used in clinical rials and for medical experiements Mens symptoms and diagnoses were applied to women
Specifities of other bodies denied marginalized or used against people Women’s health and bodies used against them to keep them in a subordinate position This has also been the are for various minorities

Flipside to being the norm: is there an equivalent for gynecologist for men? YES Andrologist yet only discipline since 1960s
Being the norm and therefor considered naturally healthy

Organs and bones crushed
Digestion problems
Respiratory problems
Increased risks for childbirth
Docs believe women’s livers were naturally wrinkled
But deformities due to corsets

Contollig bodies
Health concerns, advice habits or the medical discipline itself may seomtiems become a way to control peoples bodies Multiple societal levels of control
Sandra lee bartky
Eating disorders on the rise because women gained social independence Non sex specific pathologies mirror contest and womens social positions Hysteria or eating disorders=keeping women in subordinate position Regional

Global international

Feminism, health and reproduction
Womens bodies especially as sites of control
Produce knowledge about womens physiology
Acknowledge he speficites of womens bodies
More women centered medical care
Advocate for healthcare systems that respect wmens bodies and womens rights Necessity take into account enviormental factors
Redefine womens sexuality
Birth control and greater consideration

Feminism and reproduction
Reproductie freedom
Women should be free to make their own reproductive decisions Reproductive justice
Acknowledges that economic social...
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