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Key roles and responsibilities of a midwife during antenatal A midwife is a trained professional to help aid throughout the stages of a woman's pregnancy. Prenatal care is from the first appointment where you would get to meet your expectant parent/s. (Tommy’s 2013). This is where the midwife will receive confirmation of the pregnancy and calculate the woman's due date, where all relevant questions will be asked about her general health and the health of her partner and the family. http://www.nhs.uk This is also a good time to gather information on how the woman is feeling in herself with regards to being pregnant, also to answers any questions or concerns she may be having. This is where the midwife will use her knowledge and discretion to know when it is the right time to ask the woman any personal questions, such as any previous pregnancies or sexual transmitted infections she may have had in the past. Some women would prefer these questions to be asked in private with out there partners in the same room for many reasons.(http://www.rcm.org.uk/college/your-career/want-to-be-a-midwife).

The midwifes roles also involve Making sure that the woman knows that you are there to help and explain anything that she is unsure about and to explain about what will be happening throughout the rest of her pregnancy. You will offer a range of tests, including blood tests height and weight also blood pressure checks and urine tests, ultrasound baby scans will be taken throughout the pregnancy.(Tommy’s 2013) These tests are designed to help make the pregnancy safer, check and assess the development and wellbeing of the expectant mother and her baby and screen for particular conditions that will show up on the ultrasound scans.

Every other appointment throughout the pregnancy will be to monitor the growth of the baby and to feel what position the baby is in, checking the baby’s heartbeat and also checking on the expectant mother. To discuss any dietary plans if needed or anything that might be troubling the patient, this could be a variety of issues.(Tommy’s 2013) The roles of a midwife is to look after the mother and her unborn child, the patient should feel she can confide in her midwife no matter how big or small the problem.(Tommy’s 2013)

The main ways midwives interact with other health care professionals during antenatal care.

Explaining the main ways midwives interact with other professionals during antenatal care:

Roles between midwife and a sonographer:

The role between a midwife and sonographer is to pass on relevant information about the woman. As a midwife, you would get to see the woman more and be able to build up a rapport and get any relevant information about any other previous pregnancies, this pregnancy, and any other factors that are individual to that woman. The importance of the hand-held notes and sharing information, such as language needs, BMI, disability and other issues are extremely important.

The sonographer would look over the woman’s hand-held notes prior to seeing the woman, this is why these notes are so important and that they are filled out correctly as it gives all other professions a small insight to the woman’s health and well being before meeting her. This allows them to change there approach to the scan if there have been any complications in the past. www.fetalnomaly.screening.nhs.uk

Roles between a midwife and the obstetrician:

Midwives are trained to make sure everything goes as well as possible through out the pregnancy and to recognise any potential problems that may occur for the woman and her unborn baby. If any problems or concerns were to arise during the pregnancy then the midwife would refer her patient for an appointment to see the obstetrician to discuss any complications in the pregnancy or illnesses.www.nhs.uk

Roles between a midwife and a Social worker
If a midwife feels that there are problems or feel that the family...
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