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“4G Wireless System”



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The approaching 4G (fourth generation) mobile communication systems are projected to solve still-remaining problems of 3G (third generation) systems and to provide a wide variety of new services, from high-quality voice to high-definition video to high-data-rate wireless channels. The term 4G is used broadly to include several types of broadband wireless access communication systems, not only cellular telephone systems. One of the terms used to describe 4G is MAGIC—Mobile multimedia, anytime anywhere, Global mobility support, integrated wireless solution, and customized personal service. As a promise for the future, 4G systems, that is, cellular broadband wireless access systems have been attracting much interest in the mobile communication arena. The 4G systems not only will support the next generation of mobile service, but also will support the fixed wireless networks. This paper presents an overall vision of the 4G features, framework, and integration of mobile communication. The features of 4G systems might be summarized with one word—integration. The 4G systems are about seamlessly integrating terminals, networks, and applications to satisfy increasing user demands. The continuous expansion of mobile communication and wireless networks shows evidence of exceptional growth in the areas of mobile subscriber, wireless network access, mobile services, and applications.


Consumers demand more from their technology. Whether it be a television, cellular phone, or refrigerator, the latest technology purchase must have new features. With the advent of the Internet, the most-wanted feature is better, faster access to information. Cellular subscribers pay extra on top of their basic bills for such features as instant messaging, stock quotes, and even Internet access right on their phones. But that is far from the limit of features; manufacturers entice customers to buy new phones with photo and even video capability. It is no longer a quantum leap to envision a time when access to all necessary information the power of a personal computer, sits in the palm of one’s hand. To support such a powerful system, we need pervasive, high-speed wireless connectivity.

A number of technologies currently exist to provide users with high-speed digital wireless connectivity; Bluetooth and 802.11 are examples. These two standards provide very high speed network connections over short distances, typically in the tens of meters. Meanwhile, cellular providers seek to increase speed on their long-range wireless networks. The goal is the same: long-range, high-speed wireless, which for the purposes of this report will be called 4G, for fourth-generation wireless system. Such a system does not yet exist, nor will it exist in today’s market without standardization. Fourth-generation wireless needs to be standardized throughout the world due to its enticing advantages to both users and providers.

Economic Impact

Advantages of 4G:-
In a fourth-generation wireless system, cellular providers have the opportunity to offer data access to a wide variety of devices. The cellular network would become a data network on which cellular phones could operate-as well as any other data device. Sending data over the cell phone network is a lucrative business. In the information age, access to data is the “killer app” that drives the market. The most telling example is growth of the Internet over the last 10 years. Wireless networks provide a unique twist to this product: mobility. This concept is already beginning a revolution in wireless networking, with instant access to the Internet from anywhere.

Problems with the Current System
One may then wonder why ubiquitous, high-speed wireless is not already available. After all, wireless...

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