9/11 Essay

Topics: Al-Qaeda, September 11 attacks, United States Pages: 1 (384 words) Published: October 3, 2012
On September 11, 2001 two airplanes crash into the twin tower of the World Trade Center in New York City. The two towers collapsed in around two hours killing almost 3,000 who were in the building or emergency workers, another plane crash into the Pentagon building just outside Washington DC. The last plane crash in a field in Pennsylvania. The years following 9/11 attacks there has been actions taken by the United States. (document 1)

The United States took actions after the 9/11 attacks, one of them was when Gorge Bush announced a war on terrorism, with the goal of bringing Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda to justice. Another action they took was the Patriot act which Obama extended in 2010. In document 9 says that the USA Patriot Act was made to get information easily and was some parts were renewed to stop terrorist, they say that they have stopped 28 terrorist since 9/11.

Some people criticize against the actions taken by the United Sates like in document 7 that Cindy Sheehan who is an American anti-war activist whose son was killed while serving with the U.S military in Iraq. She was mad because her son was in the war of terror and George Bush announced it, that’s why she thinks George Bush killed her son. Other people didn’t use a media attention just a simple letter in document 3 which express their felling towards his son who die in one of the towers, they just didn’t want the U.S to respond by using revenge.

The decisions made by the United States are impacting United States and other countries because as say in document 4 on 9/11 not only Americas suffering every single country too unlike like Pearl Harbor. In document 8 it says the complete opposite that many people were still grappling with the immensity of what happen that day and how the world has become more dangerous and uncertain place.

Everyone still remember 9/11 even though 11 years have already past. All this acts that George Bush sign and some that Obama extended made America stronger....
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