9/11 - the Conspiracy

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The Conspiracy: 9/11

The day of September 11th, 2001 the world witnessed with disbelief as the World Trade Center in New York City came crashing down. The shock the attacks generated and the some 3,000 or more people it killed made it one of the brutal attacks in history. One may only wonder how such a grand scaled attack could be carried through. Although controversial, evidence suggests that the September 11th attacks in 2001 were an inside job and the statements of the Bush administration following them were a fabricated truth that many people believed. Unfortunately the tragic event has scarred the lives of many people globally and changed the course of the near future.[1]

On the morning of September 11th, 2001 President Bush was taking his daily jog near his residence meanwhile a meeting was being held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington where Shafig bin Laden was also attending. A short time later at 8:13 am the American Airline flight 11 got hijacked by the five Al Qaeda agents. While President Bush was on his way to an elementary school the north tower of the World Trade Center had been hit by flight 11. By 9 o’clock according to Mr. Barlett, White House communications director, President Bush had been informed. As he entered the classroom United flight 175, also got hijacked by Al Qaeda, and collided into the second tower.[2]

As the airplanes crashed one by one into the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon footage revealed that the Pentagon crash may not have been a plane. Even if it was an airplane how come the air squadron’s near the White House scramble to shoot the plane down before it could hit the pentagon. Fine, even if the fighters were not assembled the question remains is that how did the novice pilot manage to crash into the building straight without damaging any of the surroundings such as the lawn. Not too much of the debris of the aircraft is visible clearly not the engines and wings which also did not have any supposed effect on the building. AGM missile was fired toward the Pentagon, this missile has the similar noise to that of an aircraft and can be guided using GPS.[3]

The interesting part is that the Israeli Ha’aretz disclosed the information that a warning signal had been received by Odigo, a company in electronics. Once again like 1995 attack on the Oklahoma City the FBI ignored the warning message that New York will be attacked in two hours. Only this time they could not scale down the loss of life unlike they did in Oklahoma City by giving half of the workers a day off. [4]

Finally when President Bush had left the elementary school he addressed the nation and said, “Today we had a national tragedy. Two airplanes have crashed into the World Trade Center in an apparent terrorist attack on our country.”Richard Clarke, one of the people who knew about the attacks, was informed along with CIA director George Tenet both immediately pointed fingers towards Osama bin Laden. This was proven correct by interceptions made of telephone phone calls by the National Security Agency. Later that afternoon Donald Rumsfeld ordered the pentagon to devise tactics for retaliation on Osama bin Laden.[5]

After the continuous press conferences in which President Bush promised America that he would do whatever it takes to bring Osama bin Laden to justice, he realized he could not. This was because according to him Osama bin Laden had escaped into the remote tribal areas of Pakistan where he hid himself in the mountains. It may not seem to be a difficult task to smoke someone out of a mountain range. But, according to President Bush the mountain range he lay hidden in could not be accessed and did not support communication base making it hard for the army to flush him out.[6]

The remaining Saudi Royal family and bin Laden family in America felt threatened and had desired to leave the country immediately. However they could not because the U.S airspace had been sealed off. King Fahd had...

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