911 Cause and Effect

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English 101
November 14, 2013

The Day That Changed America
September 11, 2001 (or better known as 9/11) is the most tragic event and unforgettable day in American history. It’s a day that marked great change in America, a day in which America was greatly wounded. The designated attackers on the World Trade Center were none other than Al Qaeda, that at the time were being led by a man named Osman Bin Laden. Their reason of attacking us is still being questioned, but the effect that their attack has had on America is easily noticeable. After 9/11 the toll the attack had on American economy was greatly severe, due to the primary fact that we started a global war on terror. Immigration in America is now stricter than ever, the number of visa’s acquired by tourist and workers have dropped substantially; in addition, the security in America is at an all-time high, prior to 9/11. Now you may be asking how 9/11 changed the economy? Post 9/11 the economy definitely fell, money that was being spent on manufacturing goods and services now had to be funded to the military for the protection on terrorism. This is causing transportation for people, products and services to be more expensive, but that is not the major reason. The bulk of the costs related to the United States response to 9/11 arose a war on Iraq and Afghanistan. And if one regards the Iraq and Afghanistan war as arising from the terrorist attacks, these costs are quite likely to total more than $4 trillion a year, placing us deeper into debt (Yerger, 12-13). The cost of war is what is severely affecting our nation’s economy. Although WWII may have taken us out of the Great Depression, the Global War on Terror is doing the exact opposite. Immigration has also changed substantially after 9/11. From the moment the first plane hit the Northern Tower of the World Trade Center, the immigration system in the U.S. was bound to change. Homeland Security arose right after the attack on 9/11, its prime...

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