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Topics: September 11 attacks, Al-Qaeda, Taliban Pages: 9 (3379 words) Published: November 25, 2010
Monday 19th October

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Ross Kemp in Afghanistan and 9/11 documentaries
By Sophia Howkins

In this essay I am going to compare both documentaries about Ross Kemp in Afghanistan and the 911 crash. Both of these documentaries are related as they both started because of the same reason. They are based on the real drama on the attack and life in the army. The war began on October 7, 2001; the aim of invasion was to find Osama Bin Laden. British and the U.S military launched in response to the 11 attacks in September, The 911 happened on Tuesday 11th September 2001 in the morning in the United States.

The first ever documentary was made in France 1895, there was no sound or colour it was just a moving image there was no editing used just a long take of a film. The word documentary comes from the word evidence and realistic approach means long takes filming life in true form and formative approach means editing montage (more aesthetically pleasing). Documentaries now are more formative approach not a realistic approach because they have more equipment to edit the documentary. Mock documentaries have caused scepticism in an audience so when it comes to true documentaries the audience don’t believe them. But most documentaries are based on true stories e.g. filming wildlife. Documentaries are thought to be educational and boring to some people. Ross Kemps documentary in Afghanistan is a typical documentary because of the subject war/political this documentary uses both formative approach and realistic because it has some editing in. And it is a moderated documentary; this documentary has informal interviews, the location of the shooting on a held hand cam, synchronous sound recording and voice over the filming.

The film called Ross Kemp in Afghanistan is based on the war happening today, it is over the 9/11 attack on the twin towers. It has carried on over all these years and it started in 2001 and is still ongoing. The British army’s aim for the attack was to find Laden. The documentary Ross Kemp in an Afghanistan was Directed by John Conroy and Anuar Arroyo (2nd series) Produced by Matt Bennett. The two series involved Kemp and a small embedded film crew following troops fighting in Helmand Province, documenting their part in the ongoing Herrick. In the first series Kemp and his crew participate in the Vikings initial training in Britain for the deployment. They then visit the unit during their six month tour, filming both lives at rest and on fighting patrols in Helmand. The series finally covers their return to the UK. In the follow up series Kemp returns to Afghanistan to assess how the conflict has changed since his first visit in 2007. During the filming of the first series, in one engagement the crew were pinned down by fire from the Taliban, with Kemp nearly dying with bullets passing within inches. In filming the second series, Kemp runs into a possible minefield. The show was praised for the closeness and realism of the battle footage, and is believed to be the first documentary of its kind filmed in.

The audience of this documentary is young lads who are deciding to join the army or who are already in it. The age audience is 16 to late 30’s. Audience has changed over the years because documentaries use more popular subjects which are attractions a younger audience. Typical audience over the years are mainly people who enjoy watching documentaries. Documentaries either educate or a hobby. Viewers may have a hobby and like to watch documentaries what interest them or schools use them for educational reasons.

Ross Kemp in Afghanistan is about Ross Kemp the journalist and narrator doing a documentary on the war in Afghanistan. The documentary is about the soldiers lives in the war, how they miss their families and friends, the impact on the soldier’s families, the soldiers mental/physical health and how they work out and...
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