Abortion and Assissted Suicide

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Assisted Suicide
1) Active euthanasia occurs when a doctor or medical staff person administers a lethal dose of medication with the intention of killing the patient. 2) Assisted suicide occurs when a doctor or medical staff person prescribes a lethal amount of medication with the intent of helping a person commit suicide. The patient then takes the dose or turns the switch. In both active euthanasia and assisted suicide, death is induced before its time.

Physicians and other medical caregivers have the obligation to maintain life, as sworn in the Hippocratic Oath which states: 'I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody if asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect'. The Hippocratic Oath is an oath stating the obligations and proper conduct of doctors, taken by those beginning medical practice. The Hippocratic physician rejects the view that the patient's choice for death can make killing him right. Helping a patient commit suicide directly disobeys the Oath. The official position of the Catholic Church in Rome remains that killing of a human being, even by an act of omission to eliminate suffering, violates divine law and offends the dignity of the human person.

To sanction the taking of innocent human life is to contradict a primary purpose of law in an ordered society. A law or court decision allowing assisted suicide would demean the lives of vulnerable patients and expose them to exploitation by those who feel they are better off dead. Such a policy would corrupt the medical profession, whose ethical code calls on physicians to serve life and never to kill.

Suicidal wishes among the terminally ill are no less due to treatable depression than the same wishes among the able-bodied. When their pain, depression and other problems are addressed, there is generally no more talk of suicide. Courtesy of U.S. Catholic Conference (#257)

From a Christian moral perspective, it is only right to commit intentional homicide when you are in immediate danger, or for the greater good of humanity. Assisted suicide and abortion is not for the greater good of humanity.

The Catholic Church has always condemned abortion as a grave evil. “Human life must be respected and protected
absolutely from the moment of conception.
From the first moment of his existence, a
human being must be recognized as having the
rights of a person — among which is the
inviolable right of every innocent being to life.”
(Catechism of the Catholic Church, n. 2270).
Under any circumstance it is wrong to kill a fetus. An unborn child is still a human being. Abortions are not always safe, the majority of the time there are side effects. Some of which include; Bladder Injury, Bowel Injury, Breast Cancer, Effects on Future Pregnancies If you have an abortion:

(1) You will be more likely to bleed in the first three months of future pregnancies. (2) You will be less likely to have a normal delivery in future pregnancies. (3) You will need more manual removal of placenta more often and there will be more complications with expelling the baby and its placenta. (4) Your next baby will be twice as likely to die in the first few months of life. (5) Your next baby will be three to four times as likely to die in the last months of his first year of life. (6) Your next baby may have a low birth weight.

(7) Your next baby is more likely to be born prematurely with all the dangerous and costly problems that entails. Failed Abortion, Infection Laceration of the Cervix, More Miscarriages Later, Post-Abortion Syndrome and Retained Products of Conception.

“Laws against euthanasia and assisted suicide are in place to prevent abuse and to protect people from unscrupulous doctors and others. They are not, and never have been, intended to make anyone suffer." -- Rita Marker

"The prohibition against killing patients... stands as the first promise of self-restraint sworn to in the Hippocratic Oath, as...
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