Abortion includes psychological risks to the women

Topics: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Abortion Pages: 2 (810 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Nowadays, social atmosphere is becoming more and more open, premarital sex became popular, unwed pregnancy cases are on the rise. Faced with these circumstances, some people will choose abortion; however, some people think that this behavior is the same as murder. Therefore, this topic of abortion caused concern in society, and to make positive and negative reviews. Is the fetus a human being or person? Does abortion moral? Does the fetus, even if it is not an actual person, have a right to life on the grounds that it is a potential person? According to the question, we think that even fetus is not a human being, they have right to life.

Fetus is a developing mammal or other viviparous vertebrate after the embryonic stage and before birth, the developing time is during ninth week until birth. Person is a conscious and rational being, is a moral agent who possessed some traits or qualities, like consciousness, reasoning, self-awareness, self-control, capacity to communicate, etc. In the following part, we are going to talk about our view and explain the reasons.

First of all, abortion is equal to murder. Of the conservative (pro-life) view, fetus is an innocent human being. It is just as sentient and just as much of a person as any other human being. Murder is not agreed by the victim and killing the others with our own idea. However, the fetus is the victim in a pregnant woman’s body, if the mother chooses to abort; this has been in line with the conditions of the murder. Abortion is morally wrong since the fetus is a human life, and it is the taking of human life and this is wrong.

Furthermore, abortion includes psychological risks to the women. Some people oppose abortion because it can damage the long-term physical and emotional health of women who have an abortion. Abortion is one of the violence for woman. A woman and the child she’s carrying are as close to each other as any two human can get. And this is related to emotionally and...
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