Abortion Speech

Topics: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Abortion Pages: 2 (393 words) Published: June 24, 2013
I think that abortion is a safe medical procedure. The reason is that the vast majority of women - 88% - who have an abortion do so in their first trimester. Medical abortions have less than 0.5% risk of serious complications and do not affect a woman's health or future ability to become pregnant or give birth. Another reason is that teenagers who become mothers have grim prospects for the future. They are much more likely to leave of school; receive inadequate prenatal care; rely on public assistance to raise a child; develop health problems; or end up divorced.

Another statement is that abortion is not used as a form of contraception. An abortion can result in medical complications later in life; the risk of pregnancies doubles, and the chance of a miscarriage and inflammatory disease also increases. Also, adoption is a viable alternative to abortion and accomplishes the same result. And with 1.5 million American families wanting to adopt a child, there is no such thing as an unwanted child.

In the case of rape or incest, forcing a woman made pregnant by this violent act would cause further psychological harm to the victim. Often a woman is too afraid to speak up or is unaware she is pregnant, thus the morning after pill is ineffective in these situations.

Abortion gives couples the option to choose not to birth babies with severe and life-threatening medical conditions. Fragile X syndrome, the most common genetic form of mental retardation, affects about 1 in 4,000 males and 1 in 8,000 females. One in 800 babies have Down Syndrome, and one in 3,500 babies are born with Cystic Fibrosis. It is not right to sentence a child to life with an acute handicap.

Abortion is one of the best options for those teens who didn’t graduate from high school or having to go to university. If a teenager is pregnant, she won’t have the time to concentrate on her studies and might end up failing high school and might even get kicked out of it.

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