Active Reading Notes Chapter 17,18,19,20

Topics: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Hazara people Pages: 3 (832 words) Published: March 26, 2011
Active reading notes chapter 17,18,19,20

Key points:
1) Death of Hassan and Farzana
* “… And ordered him to kneel… and shot him in the back of the head… Farzana came screaming and attacked them… shot her too…” Page # 231 2) Rahim Khan sends Amir to Kabul
* “I want you to go to Kabul. I want you to bring Sohrab here.” page # 232 3) Amir meets old begger.
* “Thankyou, thankyou so much! And I meant it. Now I knew my mother had liked almond cake with oney and hot tea that she’d once used the word ‘profoundly’ that she’d fretted about her happiness. I had just learned more about my mother from this old man on the street than I ever did from Baba.” Page # 263

1) Farid, The Driver
“That’s the real Afghanistan, Agha Sahib. That’s the Afghanistan I know. You? You’ve always been a tourist here, you just didn’t know it.” 2) Wahid, Farid’s Brother
“We’re hungry but we’re not savages! He is a guest! What was I supposed to do?” 3) Zaman, the director of the Orphanage “If I deny him one child, he takes ten. So I let him take one and leaving the judging to Allah. I swallow my pride and take his goddamn filthy… dirty money. Then, I go to the bazaar and buy food for the children.” Location

1) Peshawar, Pakistan
* This is where Amir goes to meet Rahim Khan since he is so sick. * This is where Amir finds out about Hassan, Sohrab, and Farzana. * This is where Amir finds out that him and Hassan and half brothers. 2) Kabul, Afghanistan

* Amir visits Kabul in many years and thinks about his memories in Kabul * He visits his house but realizes that the Taliban took over it. 3) The Orphanage
* Where Hassan’s son, Sohrab was living until a Talib Official took him. * Where Amir meets the manager of the orphanage, Zaman.
Visual structure:
* For example; small fonts, difference between text and the letters. * Chapter 18 is short and it indicate how Amir feels . He remembered his past,...
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