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Questions (A)
(a)   Comment on the advertising strategy adopted previously and currently. PREVIOUS  STRATEGY
Toward off negatives:
‘Chicken so fresh, it simply melts in your mouth. Reason: Superior blast freezing process.” “Chicken so fresh, it’s only minutes old.”

Promotion of Special Parts
The special parts were promoted as:
“The part you want are the parts you get.”
A simple mnemonic was used. Chicken was shown in a graphic from; one that did not turn off the housewife, and yet looked modern. The colour scheme used was of yellow and red colours, being happy and bright food colours. These colours are appetising too. For quick identification, a common symbol was used on all hoardings. ad material and at POP. Success of the Launch

The launch created tremendous demand 


(b)   Comment on branding of food products, and their promotion.


It brought chicken again to a commodity position A good chicken that makes tasty chicken dishes). 
emphasis was on different recipes.

(c)   Can you think of a different creative strategy for a product like chicken?


============================================================= ============================================================== Lip-sticks with permitted colours can also damage the lips since the stainers are tetra-bromo-fluorosine. When rubbed against the palm, darkness of the stain will indicate the quantity of stainer present. Darkening of lip colour also depends upon the bio-chemistry of individual’s lips. Questions (B)

(a) The complete product knowledge is given in the above write-up. What do you think should be the copy platform for these products? Indicate the theme, the appeal and the buying motives.

-on  the  final  appearance  on  applying/ looking  beautiful  but  natural. -use   judiciously  when   applying.

(b) Indicate a suitable media mix for advertising these products. Give your reasoning.

-newspapers  media  [ wider  awareness/ frequency]

-women’s  magazines  [ target  market / segments]

-TV  media  [ end  -use   visuals  / better  impression]

-sales  promotions/ merchandise  demos  at  the  retail  levels   [ first   hand  experience/ feeling/impact ] 2 THE  BUSINESSES/  PRODUCTS

-consulting  services

-outsourcing   services

-office  products  like  printers  etc

-events  management  services


•   PR - public relations - when a business communicates directly  •   Sales promotions - such as 50% coupons and gifts
•   Sponsorship - where a business will pay to be associated with another product, person or event.  •   Direct sales - when a representative of the business will visit potential customers @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

(b) Please do some research of your own on direct mailings of pharmaceutical companies. What are your reactions?

1. Classes on off-label uses of a drug - While a drug approved by the FDA to treat depression may be very effective, that may not be where its real value lies. A little-known fact is that off-label use, or using a drug for a non-FDA-approved treatment, is completely legal and very common. These off-label uses aren't publicised; it's illegal. But in a necessary loophole, they can be taught in classes. Your physician may be attending drug classes where he is learning that sildenafil...
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