Aerobic Exercise

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Philip Meaker
Altchiler, L., & Motta, R. (1994). Effects of Aerobic and Nonaerobic Exercise on Anxiety, Absenteeism and Job Satisfaction. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 50, 829-840.

Effects of Aerobic and Nonaerobic exercise on anxiety, absenteeism and job satisfaction
The researchers studied three hypotheses in this study: aerobic and nonaerobic exercise will decrease anxiety, a decrease in absenteeism and an increase in job satisfaction and aerobic exercise reduces a person’s resting heart rate.

The independent variable was exercise; one group did aerobic exercises and the other did nonaerobic exercises for the same amount of time, with the same music and warm-up. The dependent variable was whether the participant had a change in anxiety, job satisfaction, absenteeism and morning resting heart rate.

Altchiler and Motta did extensive research into past articles. They reference over sixty other articles or studies which worked on similar experiments. Altchiler and Motta studied a wider range of affects than most of their supporting articles due to there being so much research already done on each effect exercise has on the work environment.

They found that aerobic exercise had a much more immediate effect than nonaerobic when it came to anxiety, but by the end of the study the nonaerobic participants were seeing a similar amount of decrease in anxiety, it was a more gradual process. It was interesting to see that whether the participant exercised before the study or not made a significant difference in the amount of anxiety decreased.

The authors found absenteeism, job satisfaction and morning resting heart rate to have no significant change by the end of the study. They reference other research that had this problem with people who were either already in good shape or already had a high or perfect pretest scores. Therefore, their research study could do little difference to begin with.

So, of their three hypotheses, the authors proved...
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