Against Marijuana Legalization

Topics: Drug addiction, Illegal drug trade, Pharmacology Pages: 8 (1637 words) Published: October 8, 1999
Against marijuana legalization

Should Marijuana Be Legalized? In society today, many people look for a feeling of freedom. Many people go on vacation

and spend money. The most common gateway for people is drugs. Our American society is facing a tremendous drug

problem. In order to eradicate the drug problem, a public debate is going on to find some solutions to this drug

dilemma. It has become a highly controversial issue whether drugs such as marijuana should be legalized or not. Some

people advocate this issue and believe that legalization is the only solution left for the nation while others oppose

because it will increase the number of drug users and drug related crimes. Marijuana is a drug that is illegal in the

United States. This drug as you know is bad and causes severe side effects to your brain and body. Scientist have found

that smoking marijuana can cause you to loose your memory. Marijuana has many psychological and physical effects.

People usually smoke marijuana in cigarettes or pipes, but it also can be mixed with food and beverages. Short-term

effects of marijuana include both psychological and physical reactions. These reactions usually last for three to five

hours after a person has smoked marijuana. The psychological reaction, known as a high consists of changes in the

userÕs feelings and thoughts. Such changes are caused mainly by THC. The effects of a marijuana high vary from

person to person and from one time to another in the same individual. In most cases, the high consists of a dreamy,

relaxed state in which users seem more aware of their senses and feel that time is moving slowly. Sometimes, however,

marijuana produces a feeling of panic and dread. The different reactions result partly from the concentration of THC in

the marijuana. Other factors, such as the setting in which marijuana is used and the userÕs expectations, personality,

and mood, also affect a personÕs reaction to the drug. Long-term effects of marijuana are not completely known, but

studies have shown that some people have used marijuana regularly for several months or longer have develop serious

long-term problems. Among males, marijuana use can reduce the production of sperm and of the male sex hormone

testosterone. Among females, it can cause menstrual irregularity and reduced fertility. Extended use of marijuana also

has a long-term psychological effect on many people. These individuals loose interest in everything. However, according

to scientific experiments, marijuana is known to be beneficial in medicine. The question is should marijuana be

legalized? One of the consequences of legalization will be a tremendous increase in drug users. Right now, drug users

have fear of law enforcement agents, but if drugs were to be legalized, they no longer will have fear and will feel that it

will be okay to use drugs. Over twenty years ago, estimates of drug use among Americans went as high as 24 million,

but we now estimate that the number of Americans ho use illegal drugs is down to some 11 million. And a recent study

done by my office shows that Americans are spending less on illegal drugs, not more. In 1993, Americans spent $49

billion on illegal drugs, down from $64 billion in 1988 (Brown 629). This decline is due to more officers on the streets

and drug awareness programs. An increase in drug use will result in an increase in drug related crimes if drugs are

legalized. Supporters of drug legalization believe that crime and violence would decrease if drug use was legal.

Statistics tell us that almost half of those arrested for committing a crime test positive for the use of drugs at the time

of their arrest. Making drugs more readily available could only propel more individuals into a life of crime and violence

(Brown 629). Also drug users turn to crime to pay for their habits because they are stimulated by drugs and therefore...
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