Aids in Africa Essay 10

Topics: Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Africa Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: November 21, 2010
Life,death and property rights:the pharmaceutical industry faces AIDS in Africa

It is very clear that AIDS is an important health problem for the whole planet and specially for Africa.This kind of problems need the attention of all the factors with responsibilities in public health,starting with the governments but,of course,continuing with the pharmaceutical companies,the nongovernmental organizations,massmedia,physicians,the church ,the red cross etc.In this big fight against AIDS we cannot let all the difficulties in the back of the pharmaceutical companies but I believe they can do more than they did and all the others can do more than they did.

It is true that the pharmaceutical companies have a moral obligation to help Africa ,like everybody who has the possibilities to help in this battle against this plague-AIDS.In the same time it is true that they have legal and moral obligation to company shareholders who invested their capital(maybe the retirement money) and they are expecting return of their investment.For the development of the new drugs against AIDS the companies invested huge amounts of money in research and if they will not recover the investments by selling patented drugs,they will not invest anymore and they will not find other better solutions against AIDS and other deseases of the third millennium( a good example in this idea is MSD-Merck company,very well known as the most ethical pharmaceutical company,who was obliged to renounce to the finding of the vaccine against AIDS because they loosed too much money with the drugs against AIDS already discovered ).

So,from my point of vue,the only efficient solution,and moral in the same time,is to find a middle solution,not based only on the companies but not excluding the companies.This means that if,let’s say that we can oblige all the pharmaceutical companies to renounce to the patent and to sell very cheap all the drugs (or even give them for free) to the African countries,we will not...
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