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Topics: Internal combustion engine, Automobile, Electric vehicle Pages: 1 (394 words) Published: October 9, 2013
 What is your aim after completing your B.Tech. And how are you prepared for it?" I aspire to be one of the best automobile engineers of the world. Becoming an engineer was my childhood’s dream, automobile engineering came to my mind only after completing my HIGHER SECONDARY. The reason behind it is my love for cars that have eye catching design, thrilling speed and luxurious interiors. After completing my B.Tech in MECHANICAL ENGG; I would pursue for M.TECH in AUTOMOBILE ENGG. If luck favours then finally I will end up with any of the automobile giants like BMW, MERCEDES,etc. The reason that why have I chosen MECHANICAL ENGG. As my main stream in B.TECH is very simple. My dream in life is to build a concept car. A concept car is a car with a unique feature that no other car had before it. So, I must be aware of all types of machines, their principles and their applications. A concept car could be anything from “under water running cars” to “flying cars”. In order to build a concept car, one must have a thorough knowledge of AUTOMOBILE ENGG. and various components of a car. Manufacturing a concept car requires a combo of imagination and intelligence. I have done much study on cars but there is still much to be learned. Being a DIPLOMA holder in AUTOMOBILE ENGG; I very well know the basics of AUTOMOBILE ENGG. I am well aware about the concepts of body designing, engine working and gear mechanism. I can even make a miniature four stroke internal combustion engine which not many guys of my age can make. Chassis making is also a job that fascinates me.Besides this; I also keep an eye on NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL AUTO EXPO. Especially, the Geneva Motor show. It helps you to be updated with the latest technologies that are being used in cars and types of cars that are in more demand. From LAMBORGHINI to FERRARI, an automobile lover must know how they are being produced, just like me. I have a hobby of making small electric cars and reading...
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