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AL jazeera USA
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This report attempts to provide an analysis of the plight of Aljazeera- a Doha-based Television network in the American market. According to the article, this television network has been known to be influential worldwide for a long time especially in the Arabic nations. However, the information in the article continues to suggest that this television network has struggled to conquer the US market despite excelling in other parts of the world. The author of this article continues to indicate that Aljazeera Network has not relented in its quest to improve its market share in the US. In this regard, the network has recently acquired the American-based TV network known as Current TV, founded by Al Gore. Indeed, this reports attempts to access the chances of Aljazeera in America in terms of acquiring more market share in the US in the wake of its current purchase of Current TV network and determine whether the increase American content in the network will improve the citizens’ trust towards the TV station. Back ground

Al-Jazeera provided a mix of news, talk shows, and educational programs, as well as a rare forum for uncensored news and debate and an editorial freedom that was unique in the Middle East. Guests on the popular live call-in show Opposite Direction debated radically different viewpoints on sensitive subjects, and some sessions became so heated that guests walked off the set in mid-show. The network’s detractors maintained that it fulminated rather than informed, and its transmissions were sometimes blocked by other Arab countries. Proponents pointed out that it was the only form of free press in the region and that it gave news to the...

References: Friedman, Jon. “Now will American watch al-jazeera?” Market Watch, 2013. Print.
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