Alternative Medicine

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October 8, 2013

Alternative Medicine
My daughter would not be here today of it weren’t for alternative medicine. My doctor had labeled me a “spontaneous aborter,” meaning my body wouldn’t hold a pregnancy, six miscarriages in four years. I was going crazy and when I asked my doctor why, he just said “it just happens to some women.” Really? What was wrong with me? A friend of mine referred me to a chiropractor. “What can a chiropractor do?” I asked myself. Despite my skeptism I went to see her. Cindy Clayton, a quiet little blond woman with a little office in Silver Lake, CA, was who I went to see. Through the various tests she performed we discovered the source of the problem was my adrenal glands, and the fact that my body was hormonally depleted from high stress, awful diet and too much work, (at the time I was working seventy plus hours a week). So with regular adjustments and various supplements we corrected the issue. Now four years later I have a little pixy princess named, Taylor. ***

“…the conventional doctor who has 20 patients with asthma will often provide each of them with the same protocol, thus treating the condition and not the patients themselves. An alternative practitioner realizes that asthma has many causes. Perhaps the cause is an allergic reaction or a viral infection or diminished nerve supply due to a misaligned spine. The practitioner will try to find the cause for each patient's condition and treat each differently. This difference between approaches is the cornerstone of alternative medicine.” (Angel) ***

“Pharmaceutical industry. According to IMS Health, a company which provides market intelligence to the pharmaceutical and health care industries; the estimated worldwide sales for prescription pharmaceuticals was about $400 billion in 2002. Americans spent roughly 200 billion dollars on prescription drugs in 2002, accounting for approximately half of all sales world wide. Yet, as of 2006, the...

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