America and Her People

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Tonya Hamilton
Catherine Grandorff
ENGL 130
29 September 2012
America and Her People
From 1776 to present day, America has been ever changing and her people have been a different breed, no matter where their ancestors came from. America stands for the freedom of any U.S. citizen, and any American willing to share the ideas of the people have defined what America means and the character of her people. When September 11, 2001 came with such tragedy to America’s shores, everyone was trying to define what it meant to be American and what America stood for after the attack left the country, and her people, in complete shambles. By the time September 20, 2001 came around, Americans wanted answers and those answers were contained in the speech by their Commander and Chief. George W. Bush, who was President at the time, had gained plenty of criticism for how his speeches were delivered, but he knew that the country was at a very emotional point. Bush’s “Address to a Joint Session of Congress and the American People”, ties ethos and logos to strengthen his pathetic, or pathos, appeal in order to strengthen what America is and what her people stand for.

Through ethos, otherwise known as building trust with the audience, Bush tied in the trust and compassion needed for a pathos appeal. He demonstrated the power and reputation he has, along with Congress and the members of his cabinet, in order to gain the trust of the people and to show them he has the best interest out for the people and the country. Bush said, “And tonight I also announce a distinguished American to lead this effort to strengthen American security; a military veteran, an effective governor, a true patriot, a trusted friend- Pennsylvania’s Tom Ridge”(Bush 115). Bush uses phrases like “distinguished American”, “military veteran”, “effective governor”, “true patriot”, and “trusted friend” to show the American people that if the leader of this country can put such high faith in this person to...

Cited: Bush, George W. “Address to a Joint Session of Congress and the American People.”Language Matters: A Writing-about-writing (WAS) Curriculum. Ed. Debra Dew. 3rd ed. Southlake, TX: Fountainhead, 2010. 376-86. Print.
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