Angela Becerra HW CHp 1 2

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Angela Becerra
Homework Chapter 1 & 2
Monday & Wednesday 5:40pm-9:00pm

Chapter One

Module 1.1 Beginnings
L01 & L02
1. Three assumptions made by lifespan develop mentalists are: (1) a focus on human development, (2) an understanding of stability in addition to growth and change and (3) the perception that development persists throughout our entire life 2. Stages of the life span such as adolescence and middle age are universal across cultures and stable across history. FALSE 3. The time when children utter their first complete sentence is an example of: an age-graded influence.

L03 & L04
1. Grady believes that human development occurs in small, measurable amounts. His sister Andrea disagrees and suggests that human development is more distinct and steplike. Their argument is most reflective of the continuous and discontinuous issue. 2. A critical period is a specific time during development when a particular event has its greatest consequence. 3. Nurture refers to traits, abilities, and capacities that are inherited from one’s parents. False (nature)

Module 1.2 Theoretical Perspectives on Lifespan Development.

L05 & L06

1. Theories are organized explanations and predictions concerning phenomena of interest and provide frameworks for understanding the relationship across variables. 2. The behavioral perspective suggests that the key to understanding one’s actions involves observation of those actions and the outside stimuli in the environment 3. Which of the following is NOT a concern with Piaget’s cognitive perspective? Cognitive development does not appear to be as discontinuous as Piaget suggested.

L07 & L08

1. According to the humanistic perspective, people reject the urge to seek love and respect from others and strive to achieve personal independence free of societal interconnections. False 2. Bronfenbrenner’s bioecological approach and Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory fall under the category of the...
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