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Wolves take very good care of their young, or pups. Their parental skills have even been compared with that of the Great Apes. Pups are born in the spring, and all the throughout the summer, the entire pack works together to care for, and feed the pups. Sometimes, a wolf will even go hungry in order to feed the pups. They seem to enjoy the company of younger wolves, and sometimes, will compete with each other for time with the pups. Large packs may invade another pack's territory, and in such a case, might kill pups from the rival pack. Though, in rarer, less violent situations, they may even adopt pups from other packs, if given the chance. Whatever the mother eats the baby gets from the mother's milk. They also keep them warm when they don't have enough fur, KANGAROO CARE FOR THEIR CHILDREN

Baby joeys are born about 2cm long. They have to get to the mother's pouch, so the mother licks a path from the birth canal to the pouch. Once there, the young joey attaches to a nipple, which swells in its mouth, securing it in place while it continues its development in the mother's pouch. The joey spends about 6-8 months in the mother's pouch being nursed. In the initial stages, the joey stays attached to the teat until it is ready to begin being independent. A mother kangaroo is capable of having more than one joey of different ages in the pouch at the same time, feeding on different types of milk. ELEPHANT CARE FOR THEIR YOUNG ONES

Once the baby is born, within two days it is ready to start travelling. The mother, aunt and it's sisters will all help to care for it until it is strong enough to look after itself. The herd will not travel fastly so it can keep up. The mother shows it what plant are edible or not. The baby will pretty much learn from the rest of the herd. =] CAT CARE FOR KITTENS

Cats are very caring parents and are attentive to their young. They bathe their young with their coarse tongue to remove dirt, parasites, and...
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