Anmum Materna's Target Market

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Target Market
Due to its function as maternal milk powder that helps pregnant woman in supplying nutrients to her womb, it is obvious that Anmum targets (demographic) woman (gender) in their marketing strategy. While there are no certain (demographic) minimum/maximum (age), hence those planning for pregnancy or currently pregnant are suitable to consume Anmum maternal milk powder (demographic, family life cycle).

In geographical term, Anmum maternal is mainly distributed and focused in Asia (region) (, 2015). Demographically, “Anmum went beyond translation when it created two TV executions, one targeting Malays and the other aimed at Chinese” (, 2015). Annum also use celebrities such as Wardina Safiyyah in Malay-focused advertising (, 2015). Based on the description by (, 2015), Anmum Materna does not target their market for Malaysian Indians and it is supported by the fact that the packaging of Anmum maternal only provides English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia, leaving Tamil (Figure 1)

Figure 1. The guidelines of preparing milk powder captured from the back of Anmum Materna tin package.

Reasons of Anmum maternal focuses its market in Asia is due to high percentage of birth defect occurring around Africa and Asia (Figure 2)(Anmum™ Malaysia, 2014). Whereas, country in European and Australian region has lower birth defect compare to those in Africa and Asia (Figure 3). In this case, Anmum maternal was evaluating the large segment size and growth in Asia so that they comes out about the idea of providing nutrition to pregnant mother to reduce birth defect.

Figure 2. The statistics of the birth defect percentage by country where the percentage is declining as it goes to the right. (Christianson, 2015)

Figure 3. The statistics of the birth defect percentage by country where the percentage is declining as it goes to the right. (Christianson, 2015)

Anmum Materna focuses its target for Malays and Chinese is due to these two ethnics are highly populated in Malaysia (Figure 4). So, Anmum was also targeting large segment size of ethnicity in Malaysia.

Figure 4. Malaysia population based on ethnicity (, 2015).

Anmum Materna also focuses their target market in (demographic) woman that are busy (occupation) (Figure 5) (In this sense, there is less likely for Anmum maternal to focus on their marketing target in students, retired, homemakers or unemployed). They describes busy woman pays little attention to their nutritional intake so that the consumption of Anmum Materna will be the fastest way to replace the nutritional intake for their womb. Moreover, they also describes busy woman loves mobile phones, (behavioral, browsing behaviour) social media and online entertainment. (Figure 5). Lower in fat label on the box also proves that Anmum Materna target woman who are aware of their health (psychographic, socially aware).

Figure 5. Anmum Materna advertisement in promoting their “Online Game” for mother who are planning to be pregnant.
In summary, Anmum targets Malaysian and Chinese busy pregnant woman who loves social media and online entertainment


Table 1. Factors influencing consumers’ dairy product purchasing behaviour in Malaysia. (Boniface, 2015)

Product’s position is defined by consumers of important attributes (Kotler & Armstrong, 1991). Based on Table 1, the attributes that will be picked to graph the brand position of Pregnant Milk Powder are “Product Price” and “Health Benefits”. Measured from the mean, health benefits are positioned as second after complete label information. Health benefits is picked due to lack of information about the purity of the milk powder whether the company specifically label the products. Whereas, price is chosen instead of “Embedded with Halal logo” and “Quality verified by international agency” because all competitor products posses both factor but differ in price range....
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