Antebellum Era DBQ

Topics: Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Seneca Falls Convention Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: December 15, 2013
The Antebellum Era was a time of change in America. It can be looked at as the country discovering itself. From 1825-1850 there were a series of changes that went on throughout the country. These changes included the Temperance act; putting a ban on alcohol in order to make America more successful, perfect society; the women’s rights reforms, where the cult of domesticity was being questioned by women who advocated for their rights; and lastly, reforms in public education, which were significant because there would be no need to worry about uneducated individuals in later generations. All of these changes in society were changes that were meant to broaden what was classified as democratic ideals.

The Temperance Act was significant in expanding America’s idea of a more perfect society, because by banning the manufacturing of alcohol, many factory owners realized it would improve workers output. But, beyond that, it would cut down on crime and poverty in the United States. Many people saw alcohol as a disease that needed practical treatment, and that as time went on, ones condition would decrease, and would lead to increased crime rates (Doc H). In 1851, Maine was the first state to go beyond simply just putting a tax on liquor, it prohibited the manufacturing and selling of all alcohol. This act was actually rather popular among some, and in the Eighteenth Amendment, was passed successfully. The idea was to eliminate as much crime and poverty as possible, to make America a more perfect society. There were even Temperance societies such as the the “Woman's Christian Temperance Union” which pledged its support of the Temperance Act in the Eighteenth Amendment. The washingtonians was founded in 1840 by recovering alcoholics who said it was a disease which just needed proper treatment. This was just one change that America was going through in order to better society, and expand their ideals.

The next reform that looked to expand our ideals is the woman's rights,...
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