antenatal care

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Pregnancy Pilates

Location of service: Sydney CBD is the closest to Liverpool Hospital.

Funding of service: Health fund rebate.

Cost for use of service: $130 for first hour assessment and $39 per class thereafter.

Referral requirements: Medical clearance form from doctor.

Waiting time to access service: Once a woman is pregnant and aware, they can contact via email or telephone to book an initial assessment. They need to bring with them their medical clearance form. Timetables for both locations can be retrieved online via Pregnancy Pilates website.

Description and critique of service:
The physiotherapists at Pregnancy Pilates offer women a gentle combination of breathing techniques, structured core exercises, stretches and mobility exercises in a relaxed environment during pregnancy, labour and post birth. This class aims at building a woman’s confidence, strength and knowledge. It prepares women for any hormonal or physiological changes that women may face during pregnancy. Before booking, a thorough one on one assessment of a woman’s condition will determine what weaknesses within the body need strengthening and conditioning (The Fix Program, 2014).

Pregnancy is related to a number of musculoskeletal problems. Biochemical changes during pregnancy such as the hormone relaxin aid in this change causing ligaments to soften, thus causing issues such as back pain (Balough, 2005 & The Fix Program, 2014). Pilates provides stability and strengthen these ligaments and the muscles surrounding them. It is a conditioned exercise program that stabilises muscles around one’s core. The diaphragm, pelvic floor, transverse abdominus and the multifidius are the key muscles targeted during exercise. Balogh (2005) states that “contracting these muscles together lead to an increased abdominal pressure and increase the stability lumbar spine pressure”. (Balogh, 2005). Meditation combined with pilates highly benefit the mother and baby through the release of relaxing hormones (Balogh, 2005).

Although pilates itself reap many health benefits for mother and baby, the Sydney CBD location in particular is quite far from Liverpool Hospital. It would be an issue for women travelling the long distance, whether it be by car or public transport. However, it would be easily accessible if one was working in the CBD area as several classes are made available Monday to Friday. The costs to access these are high, yet can be claimed via health fund. Rebate of the amount depends on the health fund chosen.

Beer and Bubs: Childbirth education for dads at the pub

Location of service: The Friend in Hand Hotel in Glebe is the closest to Liverpool Hospital.

Funding of service: Not available.

Cost for use of service: A non- refundable payment of $55.

Referral requirements: Nil.

Waiting time to access service: Bookings essential as numbers are limited. Services available once a month.

Description and critique of service:
Beer and Bubs offers a relaxed approach to educate expecting fathers over a few beers and dinner. All information and education on pregnancy and what to expect is fit into one night at the pub. This session is perfect for those becoming first time fathers who want to feel more involved in the birthing process. A team of midwives, obstetricians, nutritionists and fathers who have attended a session build up the night’s session all over the country. (Beer and Bubs, 2012).

What to do at each stage of labour, how to make childbirth easier for your partner, what pain relief options available and how can you help, why the first few hours after birth are important for bonding and the future are just some of the topics covered during the night (Beer and Bubs, 2012).

Antenatal classes are not commonly exclusive to men. This is what makes Beers and Bubs unique. According to Shirani (2009) study, men felt uneasy and afraid during partnered antenatal classes. This is usually due to the fear...
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