Anti-Abortion: Support to Women Not Take Away the Life of the Unborn Child

Topics: Pregnancy, Suicide, Childbirth Pages: 1 (362 words) Published: February 17, 2013
I support women who give life not take it away, your actions and irresponsibility’s should not affect an innocent life. Instead of having the guilt of killing your own child, you can turn something horrible into something life-given. You are literally killing a human being and although most people don’t realize it, it can severely affect a woman both mentally and medically. Women’s emotional instability and despair prior to abortion makes them unable to think straight. There is a ton of those people who disagree saying that you need the tool abortion because of rape, but that is not an accurate excuse. Several studies done across America reveal that women who were encouraged to use abortion in such circumstances felt that they had been put through a second act of violence, for being made into the victimizer of their own child. Women who go through with the process of abortion have trauma, moral torment, depression, etc. A study shows that 347 per 100,000 women commit suicide. Most women are not aware of the risks and dangers they face. Women having the abortion procedure done have infection, hemorrhage, urine perforation, castration, and some result in death. When a baby is conceived, there are many changes that go on in a women’s body to prepare it to bear the child as well as take care of it after birth. Women who have an abortion are 3-4 times more likely to have a miscarriage and also some are not able to get pregnant again. A baby has a higher chance of not being healthy if you do decide when you are ready to be pregnant and deliver, if previously having an abortion. In conclusion, a study showing how many rape pregnancies were carried to term were 28 out of 37. Rape is really no excuse especially when you realize that your baby has paid with its life for the crime of the rapist. Another option is adoption which lets the baby live a normal life with a set of happy parents. Women should be aware that if they do get an abortion they are faced both with...
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