Are There Dangers of Gm Food

Topics: Pregnancy, Fertility, DNA Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Are there dangers of GM food:
As there is a lot of engineering with food’s genetic code, there may be made some mistakes in the genes that could’ve messed up the genetically code found in cells. Which have happened as I have found out while searching the interweb. Shown by a wide array of studies there are a lot of incidents with GM food which include accelerated aging, immune dysfunction, organ damage, insulin disorders and reproductive disruption. For example, female rats fed a diet of GM soy experienced a drastically higher ofspring death rate, and their surviving infants were smaller and less fertile than the offspring of rats fed on a non-GM soy diet. Male rats fed the GM soy had their testicles change from pink to blue, and the GM soy was also observed to damage the DNA of sperm and embryos. Fertility problems such as abortion, infertility, premature delivery, prolapsed uteri, infant death, and even delivery of unformed infants (bags of water) have been observed in farm animals fed GM cottonseed and corn.

We can conclude this by saying that GM food has an effect on people and could be more dangerous than we think.

jan 9 2012, author unknown
jun 17 2012, author unknown
feb 25 2012, written by David Gutierrez
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