Are women better parents than men?

Topics: Mother, Father, Pregnancy Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: November 10, 2013
Many societies believe that women are responsible for educating and taking care of children. Because of this, people usually think that women are better parents than men. Biologically it is necessary that women give birth and breastfeed the baby, which creates a strong bond between mother and child. On the other hand, men are responsible of bringing the food to the table and economically supporting their families. The role of men in their families have changed in the last few years (1); however, I believe that women are better parents than men. Children are delicate creatures who demand a lot of care, love, and patience. In nature, women are caring, loving and sweet. They possess the qualities required to take care and raised their children. Unlike men, since they were teenage girls, women have been taught that their future responsibility is to be diligent mothers, not successful businesswomen. It is the pressure put upon women since they are young what prepares them to be good mothers. The link between mother and offspring is the most unique and closest relationship that occurs in nature. Man is only essential for the conception of the baby . In contrast, the mother has to carry the baby in her womb for 9 months, and then has to go through a lot pain to deliver. From the first day of age, the mother must breastfeed her child and that is how the bond outside of the womb begins and it increases every single day. Even though father-son relation is also established, the father will be kept from being too close to his son because he must go to work and provide economical support for his family. Recently, fathers are getting involved in child care more than they used to be. Although men are more actively engaged to their families, they lack qualities that are natural for women. A mother is a loving person while a father is irrefutable and tough. I believe that the love and unique bond between a mother and her child makes women better parents than men.
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