Argument: Pro-Life

Topics: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Adolescence Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: February 11, 2014
Jake Stiles
English III AP 1B
20 March 2010
Assuming Chaotic Responsibility
Within the last decades, the etiquette and class of society’s teenagers has evolved dramatically. In the past, children and teens focused on education as their main priority. Obeying their parents was never a problem and their friends were always great influences. Today, teenagers freely give into the negative influences of their peers by using narcotic and illegal drugs, skipping school, and participating in sex before marriage. Without the proper precautions, sex can most often result in teenage pregnancies. Although the child themselves will be held accountable for the birth that lies before them, society should not assume the responsibility of caring for teenage mothers and their child.

When becoming pregnant, teenagers are forced to mature and become adults at a mere rate of nine months. They are faced with difficult decision making about their education and their future. Unlike the normal teenager, they have someone else to consider when making their choices from now until the end of their life. Continuing the pregnancy is an obvious question. This decision can be altered by many factors, including support of her family, the father’s family, and the community. Society’s sharp division on the matter of abortion has a large influence on the mother’s decision. She will also have to plan to further her education and a secure career to support herself and the child. Although the mother may be planning to continue with high school and college, this may be extremely difficult to consider when a child is brought into the picture. Most teenagers don’t plan on getting pregnant, but sometimes it happens. Not only does pregnancy at a young age cause health problems to the mother, but also to the child. Most of the time, teenage mothers lack the necessary prenatal vitamins to keep the child healthy. This results in a premature birth and a low birth weight. Low birth-weight babies are...
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